The prince of Pandu

The Prince of Pandu

Let go of the arrow Arjuna
Don’t you linger Arjuna
This is just the start
Battles will be many

What are you searching for Arjuna
Why the reluctance Arjuna
Oh noble prince
What stays your hand so?

It wasn’t your fault you say
Is that how you consoled yourself?
You are but one of five
Alone, yet dependent

Yes you did win her
And yes you did love her
But come back to today
Come back from your thoughts

The eye awaits Arjuna
It moves swift Arjuna
You are the water
The water is you

Victory; now rejoice
The soft descending feet
You promise her happiness
You promise her protection

You will be tested Arjuna
You will get lost Arjuna
Stay true to your path
So all can be won


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