Water water everywhere

The sun seems to be up for some fun. It’s been playing a game of hide and seek for these past couple of days.

Today, it decided to be a little kind and share some of its warmth with us. So as I was lounging around my balcony with a book, I felt like a cold beverage. I did not care much for juice, but was longing for something refreshing without too strong a flavour.

I then remembered the time I was invited to my colleague’s place for dinner. She has a lovely apartment in the midst of a quiet neighbourhood. Though the house and the food was great, what really caught my eye was the water jug. Strange, I know; but don’t you feel like there are times when nothing quenches your thirst like a glass of water? And water is supposed to have all these health benefits going with it as well 🙂

She had thrown in some pieces of fruits in it and the taste was lovely. So while on my balcony, I thought to myself, well, why not?

I picked up two flasks or bottles (well, what’s in a name). In one I threw in some raspberries and in the other, limes. It adds flavour to the water without making it artificial. And if you pick the right flasks, they make for lovely home decor pieces and look great perched there on the dining table.

So the next time you have guests, why merely serve them just plain boring water? Just fruit it up 🙂




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