Dangle all the way

You know those times when you have tried taking one tiny thing from a shelf and you are greeted by an avalanche? It’s happened to me to – with cans, jewellery, books…argh – nightmare.

One of my major banes has been small space and too many shiny, blingy, dangly objects. All those bangles, bracelets, necklaces, scarves, belts – what does one do with them when they are not being worn? I tried jewellery boxes; but they prompty take it upon themselves to entangle anything that goes in. I swear I can hear a sinister laugh every time I have opened a box – “Ha you just try taking out that lovely earring.”

Well, one day I would love to have a Chronicle of Narnia-esque walk-in wardrobe where everything would have its own special place. Till then, I had to discover some make shift DIY organisational ideas.


1. For bangles, I had first made a jewellery tree from some twigs I found in the garden. I then bought this lovely bangle stand from an exhibition. It’s so simple, and I love the colour of the wood.Image

2. For my necklaces, I first tried suspending them from a clothes hanger. Not overly convenient. I then took a simple pin-board, bought some lovely wallpaper and board pins. Easy to use and instantly adds a pop of colour to the room 🙂



3. Belts – my my my. What does one do with them? I quite like to stow them away in my wardrobe and not display them from tie-racks on doors. Again, I tried a coat hanger, but the moment I tried pulling out one belt, the whole pile of them would fall at my feet. I then found this really strange looking hanger. I still don’t know what it’s actually meant for. But it’s just so simple to slip in those belts and hang them in the wardrobe. Each belt now has its own separate place.


4. At first scarves went into drawers. And then I found this really inexpensive ringed hanger. Fits easily in the wardrobe too.


So these are a few of my favourite things – well, that’s a bit of an overstatement. But there’s some ways to organise things in a tiny space. Trending without spending anyone?


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