Nature holds the answers

Moving to a new place?

Now if moving isn’t a great ordeal in itself, imagine coming home to empty white walls and a hollow echo. It’s those first few days of moving into a new apartment. Even if it’s a furnished place, the place is just so not….well…you, right?

What did I do when I first moved to my new home (it’s not that new anymore); I took a walk. There’s a nice little park by my place, and that turned out to be the inspiration for my first few wall decors.

Take a look.

I needed something pretty near the bed. Autumn said she’d help. She gave me some dried leaves and grass. The flower came from a chocolate box, and the butterfly from some old packaging. Doesn’t it make the wall picture perfect?


Yellow simply brightens up a place. And those shadows form a lovely pattern…

ImagePines and feathers in a bowl


And the best part, they look the same forever. Easy, elegant and not a penny spent 🙂


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