Pictures – they speak a thousand words, or so people say. What is it that pictures try to tell us then? What was going on in the mind of the artist, the photographer, or the creator of a picture? Is it just memories, or some deep dark desires so closely entwined with emotions; there comes a time when one can only stop and bewilder: is reality plain imagination, or imagination the sole reality…

How long is the wait
Are hopes in vain?
The light shines bright
Even through the pain


Many faces
A thousand pieces
To complete the whole


A soft cage
Rise strong
Thorns can’t hurt
Being born, being born


Dance if you will
fear in the face
The cat will stare
Just own the space


A fallen angel
A risen devil
With nothing you come
Nothing shall you take back


Hidden revelation
Mysterious openness
When the eyes do the talking

The search ends
When the true journey begins…


Black and white
So much is concealed
When wisdom is revealed


Words are just runes, lines, curves, dots…so easily torn, so simply removed. Erased, washed off. After all words are pictures too – designs, symbols. A widow, open it if you dare…open it if you care…


2 thoughts on “Interpretations

  1. Wonderful words to accompany wonderful drawings – which are somewhat in the style of Chagall lithos, I think. Your second drawing reminds me of my own gravatar! —–Chagall

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