From Barca with love

February – crazy month at work. I knew if I had to pull together the few strands of sanity I had left, I needed some days off. So off I went to sunny Spain. I have a couple of friends there and another friend from Sweden came down as well.

Is March the best time to visit Barcelona? Hmm….debatable. But it’s never the wrong time to visit people whose company you really enjoy now, is it? So the first week of March it was.

Beware of pickpockets they said. You could get robbed they said. Well, they didn’t, and my wallet did get stolen on day 1. An earnest tip – Beware of pickpockets. Though a slight setback to what could have been an exciting start, I was ready to welcome the city with open arms. (Though now I always walked with a hunch, holding my precious bag in a tight embrace.)

So, Barcelona – I was there for four days amongst decent sunshine, good food and great company. The public transport there is fairly simple. And if you are the typical tourist, you could happily hop on  to one of their hop on hop off buses that takes you on two routes, comprising an hour each.

We walked or rode the metros.

Some impressions…

First stop – police station 🙂 It was situated at the Catalunya metro station. The view above it was ace though.


Next we randomly passed by a poster for a photo exhibition. Self-portraits of Alberto Garcia Alix. Fascinatingly disturbing…


Our wandering also took us to a fish market. Imagine trying to maneuver through the crowd, when a person just runs past you with a dead skinned pig propped on his shoulder. No bag for the pig. No gloves for his hands…#shakingoffdisgust


The lovely, lonely lanes beckon. Would you dare?


Waters blue, still and quiet, peaceful… dangerously peaceful


A new city, a new perspective


Street artists are no novelty in Barcelona. Some want to paint themselves and pretend to be stone. Others embrace movement.


Concrete fluidityImage

Do they ever have this place without scaffolding?


Ooh…and the food, lovely. You would never run out off tapas places. Tapas and Sangria…that’s life. We also visited a Chinese restaurant where some of my braver friends tried frog legs and pig intestines. Be prepared for some chilled out service though. The word hurry does not exist in the Barca dictionary.


Sunshine and beaches. We then took the train down to this beach called Sitges. As it was not peak tourist season, it was not crowded at all. Wasn’t warm enough for a swim, but sunny enough to sit by the sea and read…


The nights were occupied by pub hopping, and I am pretty sure we did go clubbing at some point of time. Great place to have a good time.

To sum it up, a great time. Would I go back there anytime soon…doubt it, but only because there are so many other places I am absolutely dying to see. But fear not Barca. I do really like you. I am sure we will meet again pretty soon


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