Mein fine dining…

Pasta…yum numm…quick, easy and painless…and tasty.

As I sit down to eat my evening meal one day, it strikes me – my dining table is miniscule. It’s a white square table, and …that’s it. A white square table with 2 white chairs. Don’t get me wrong. I like white, especially for small spaces. I think it gives the room, a clean, airy look. But do I want to be staring at a white wall while eating off a white table. I didn’t think I could take that for long. So I went shopping.

It took me a few Saturdays to collect all my dining decors. And for some reason I seem to have a kind of aversion towards making life easy for myself. So IKEA and other massive home decor centres were a no no for me. (And of course I am not too fond of shopping online either). So I walked a number of lonely lanes, and visited a number of smaller stores to get what I needed…nah wanted.

One of my first purchases was a small simple green vase and a white flower. I simply loved how the two just seemed to fit together, and that also set the scene for my colour scheme for the dining area.


Next, I needed something for my blank white wall. I found this adorable wooden butterfly wall hanging in fresh green and yellow. A few days later, a friend, who was sitting quite jobless, decided she is going to paint a picture for my wall. I think combining the two wasn’t a bad idea…


Now, let’s move on to the table itself. A dining table needs mats. Mats can be inexpensive. I bought inexpensive mats.


Next I decided to take a look at where I sit. A white chair, and in winter, a cold white chair. I needed cushions. I found these at a …erm…grocery store…and thought they looked quite cute.


And then it was my birthday. Some friends decided to give me …wow I really don’t remember what it was. But whatever it was came to me in this adorable basket which I decided to then use as a fruit basket.


Let’s see, what else do we have. Oh yeah, let there be light they said. I have grown rather fond of scented candles. It feels really nice coming back home after a busy day at work and having the room smell fresh and inviting. I once tried the body shop jasmine candle …inhale…exhale…wow…but it’s not light on the pocket. My current candle is from a corner store. The little yellow flower on it is from a chocolate box πŸ™‚


And later the smell of Christmas swept over the city. Cakes and cookies, and sugar and spice, and all things nice. I received lovely cookies as a present (even though I’m not overly fond of cookies or biscuits, or anything that has a monotonous taste and crumbles :P), lovelier though was the box it came in. And it has promptly been refilled with a new batch of home made cookies. (I didn’t bake them)


Right, so how about putting the pieces together? Drum-roll please…


Yup, that’s my miniscule dining area. But it makes me happy πŸ™‚ It’s nice to come home and find a fresh, clean, inviting space. It may change soon…it may not. For now…it’s all sunshine and puppies πŸ™‚

P.S. bless you Instagram


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