Elegance spelt as LBJ


It was one of the first fashion shows I have ever been to. I was super excited. A friend from Sweden was interning with a designer. I packed my bags and off I went for the weekend in Berlin.

The weather gods did not shower their blessing on us. None the less the damp did not dampen our spirits. (Damp – dampen…see what I did there…eh?)

On the day of the show we thought we should do something fashionesque. We went shopping down the lanes of Berlin. Berlin has some of the cutest vintage stores. I came away from one of them a happy customer with an absolutely adorable silk scarf tied to the handle of my little black bag (ooh, maybe the LBB would become the next big thing).

We headed to the show. I half expected a Fashion Week set up you know like the ones on TV, magazines, YouTube. But this one was just a white runway…I can almost bet that it was a sheet of chart paper spread on the floor. It was a pre-selection for designers to be able to showcase at the Berlin fashion week. The backstage was a small room, and from the first row, which we promptly claimed, we could see models smoking, sipping tea, and looking in the mirrors.

The show was fab. The dresses lovely…well most of them were. One of the designers was represented by models in what I can only guess to be bedsheets and rags. I didn’t get it. I didn’t like it. My friend’s boss had a quirky if some what monotonous collection. The showstoppers dress was adorable though. It was a bridal gown that somewhat reminded me of the movie corpse bride. (I know I must stop writing for a couple of seconds and dream about Johnny Depp….yup seconds passed.)

Right, the next day. We were at the train station ready to bid adieu to ballsy Berlin. And what do we see? There’s a Karl Lagerfeld photography exhibition with the Little Black Jacket (LBJ) being featured by different celebrities. My heart said coo.

I walked in. The set up was wonderful. Simplistic, minimalistic and classy. I walked in excited, I walked through enchanted, I walked out elated (with my very own poster in my hand.)

The train was leaving soon. And Berlin was then just a little black speck (LBS) through the window.




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